About Us

Our center was born out of the knowledge and expertise gained over the last 2 decades of private practice and continued learning.  As you read on you will learn that combined, our Directors have over 50-years of experience in assessing and helping those affected with health conditions.

Together they have continued to refine their expertise by undergoing advanced study in neurology, functional medicine, integrative holistic concepts, neuro-developmental disorders and fitness training.  Over the last decade, they have helped children and adults suffering from various health related issues including metabolic, physical, neuro-develomental, emotional, social, cognitive and academic challenges.

Michael Orlando D.C., D.A.C.A.N., C.C.S.P., C.P.T.

Dr. Orlando was born and raised in Queens, N.Y., attended Christ The King H.S. and graduated class of 1982.  He then attended St. John’s University Pharmacy Program where he received Academic Honors. Later he attended New York Chiropractic College and graduated with honors in 1988.   Dr. Orlando entered private practice in Glendale, N.Y. in 1989 and later received post-graduate degrees in sports injuries in 1990 and in neurology in 1993.  After receiving his Post-Doctoral Degree in Neurology, his practice understandably became focused on neurological conditions.

He and his wife started a family with the birth of their first daughter in 1996 and later had a second daughter in the year 2000.  In 2002 they were blessed with the birth of twin boys.  The boys were eager to see this world and arrived prematurely. This had obvious implications and lead to developmental delays for each of them. In 2004 they were formally diagnosed, one with speech delay, and the other with Autism.  What followed was a whirl-wind of evaluations and early intervention as you may expect.

It was not long after that Dr. Orlando became interested in helping children and those with neuro-developmental disorders.  It was at this point that he and his longtime friend and colleague Dr. Christopher Tice started a journey that lead to what NY Wellness Center is today.

“I am very fortunate that I can call my work at NY Wellness Center, my life’s passion.  But my true fortune is in the fact that my family is well and my boys are healthy, happy, well-adjusted, 12 year-olds.  They are now learning in typical classroom setting and both have lost their original diagnoses.  Recovery is possible!” -Michael

Christopher L. Tice B.A., D.C., D.A.C.A.N, M.S.W.

Dr. Tice and his wife Lisa of over 20 years currently live in a small village on Long Island where they have been blessed with a wonderful home and have raised their two healthy and happy daughters.  Dr. Tice born in Queens, N.Y., moved at the age of 4 to the South Shore of Long Island, N.Y. where he grew up enjoying the small town life of fishing, swimming, surfing, and most importantly, family.  He graduated from West Hempstead High School and then Hofstra University, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelors Degree in Biology.  In April of 1988 he graduated with honors from New York Chiropractic College receiving a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  After starting a private practice in October, 1988 he once again returned to his studies, earning a Post-Doctoral Degree in Neurology in 1993.

Over the next decade his private practice continued to thrive and grow at his multidisciplinary Holistic Center where he cared for hundreds of families, adults and children alike.  Dr. Tice brought together a team of health practitioners that consisted of Chiropractic, Family Medicine, Nutrition, Acupuncture, and Massage.  The Center utilized an integrative approach of physical care and rehabilitation with comprehensive nutritional and natural supplementation protocols for wellness restoration and maintenance.

In what could only be seen in hindsight as a blessing in disguise, Dr. Tice suffered a serious knee injury that eventually made him unable to perform the full duties of his practice.  It was at this point that he once again decided to further his education by attending Fordham University where he graduated in 2006 at the top of his class obtaining a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus on human development and behavior.  Along with his longtime friend and colleague Dr. Michael Orlando, they bring a wealth of knowledge and of experience to that which is NY Wellness Center.